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Resins for Toner Binder

DIANAL FB-series - Styrene-acrylic resin for toner binder
DIANAL FB-series products are styrene-acrylic copolymers for toner binders in copiers and printers. Dianal has a wide variety of resins which are manufactured both in the USA and Japan using the suspension polymerization method.

Dianal offers two broad product lines for this application - 
Cross Linked and Linear Bimodal resins.

The typical property ranges of our commercial Cross Linked resins are:

Ts: 1/2 130 to 175°C
Tg:  50 to 70
Acid Value:  0 to 16mg KOH/g
Gel Content:  <10 to 65 %

The typical property ranges of our commercial Linear Bimodal resins are:

Ts: 1/2 120 to 145°C
Tg:  50 to 60
Acid Value:  0 to 15 mg KOH/g

DIACRON - Polyester resin for toner binder
In the rapidly growing field of polyester resins for toners, Dianal is a major player with its DIACRON line of polyester resins. These products provide outstanding low-temperature fusing and durability and are available as cross-linked or linear polyester resins.

The typical property ranges of our commercial Polyester resins are:

Ts:  4mm 100 to 160°C
Tg:  55 to 75
Acid Value:  5 to 12 mg KOH/g

We offer a range of commercial styrene and polyester based products, if these don't meet your needs we will be happy to develop a product that meets your requirements. We have extensive experience in partnering with customers to develop proprietary custom manufactured resins. We will be happy to put our pilot plant, creativity, and manufacturing capabilities at your disposal.

Our production facility is a modern, purpose built, state of the art facility that is fully ISO certified. For additional information or consultation, Contact Us.

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