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About Mitsubishi Chemical America, Inc. | Specialty Resins Division

The Specialty Resins Division began operations in 1992 at its 10-acre manufacturing facility in Pasadena, Texas and currently produces over 70 standard commercial and custom specialty product grades.

Today, the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation has built itself into a leading manufacturer of polymer/resin products, based on strong upstream business complexes - the MMA (methyl methacrylate) and the AN (acrylonitrile) business complexes. 

As a member of Mitsubishi Chemical America, the Specialty Resins Division produces coating resins that add value to the inherent properties of objects made from metals, plastics and paper. These products are based on acrylic, methacrylic and styrenic monomers.

Our coating materials have taken a large market share in automotive topcoats and repair finishes, which require excellent appearance, durability, and resistance to chipping and acid rain. Increasingly, Specialty Resins are being used in reactive hot melt and anaerobic adhesives, inks and specialty coatings.

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