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Dianal Resins - Coatings, Adhesives & Inks

The objective...
for Dianal America, Inc. (Dianal) is to provide the most innovative, highest quality resins to the coating, adhesive and ink industries.

In this section of the Website you will find a complete listing of Dianal's commercial thermoplastic acrylic, and styrene acrylic, bead resins. Use the blue navigation buttons on the left to explore the general information about the DIANAL Resins.

More Technical Information...
Submit a Request Form to receive MSDS/SDS documentation, request samples, or obtain more detailed information about each of our products, their applications, and possible formulations.

Direct or Distributor...
DIANAL Resins are sold directly to customers and through a world-wide Distributor Network. You may contact us directly and we can help you decide if your needs are best served by one of our distributors in your area.

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