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Handling Procedures for Acrylic Resins

Under normal conditions of use, Specialty Resins present no significant hazards to health, safety or the environment.

Please consult the MSDS/SDS for specific information for each product prior to use.

Some general handling guidelines are given below to minimize any potential risk:

  • Specialty acrylic resins are often dissolved in flammable organic solvents; care should be taken to eliminate the potential for a fire hazard. Be sure to have adequate work space ventilation to remove solvent vapor.
  • Electrical static discharge is another potential hazard when flammable solvents are used. To prevent static electricity, containers must be grounded whenever solvent is transferred between containers and/or mixers. Explosion-proof motors and non-sparking tools should be used in areas where resin solutions are prepared or handled.
  • Nonconductive solids can present a static discharge danger when added to flammable liquids. Be certain to ground both the mixing containers and the product during transfers.
  • Particles in the eye should be removed by copious flushing with clean water.
  • Bead resins are small and spherical in shape; they can present a slipping hazard if spilled. Spills should be cleaned up promptly. 
  • Bead resins can be stored for extended periods at room temperature. Keep packages sealed, cool and dry.

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