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Specialty Resins Selection Guide

Specialty resins are used to provide essential characteristics in a variety of applications. Submit a Request Form to receive specific information about which specialty resin products are designed to meet the needs of your application. Our technical staff will assist you in designing the right formulation for your product application. Contact us for more information.

Example Applications
Aerosol Paints
Alkyd Modifiers
Anaerobic Adhesives
Architectural Coatings
Automotive Coatings
Automotive Sanding Primers
Beer Labels
Brass Lacquers
Coffins/Caskets Coatings
Concrete Cure and Sealers
Container Coatings
Floor Coatings
Frosted Glass Look
Gravure and Flexo Inks
Heat Seal Coatings
Industrial Coatings
Industrial Staple Cement
Ink Jet Inks
Low Profile Additives
Low VOC Coatings
Marine Coatings
Marker Inks
Metal Coatings
Metallizing Paper and Film Coatings
Pigment Dispersants
Plastic Coatings
Plastic Coatings for Electronic Appliaces
Pool Coatings
PVC Coatings
PVC Leather Coatings
Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives
Screen Inks
Shrink Wrap Coatings
Solid Surface Adhesives
Stencil Inks
Temporary Ceramic Binders
Traffic Paints
Urethane Acrylic Coatings
UV Cured Adhesives
UV Inks
Weak Solvents
Wood Coatings

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