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 Dianal Resin Commercial Grades
DIANAL resins are available either as Commercial Grades or Custom Specialty Grades. Listed below are our currently available Commercial Grades and a brief comment about each. Submit a Request Form to receive more detailed technical information, order samples, or request MSDS/SDS and Technical Data Sheet documentation. If you need a custom product, our technical staff will assist you in designing the right grade for your product application. Contact us for more information.
EMA Resins
Resin Grade
BR-90 Hard, relatively flexible and high in alcohol tolerance
BR-220 Resin with excellent alcohol solubility

iBMA Resins
Resin Grade
BR-101 Relatively hard. Soluble in aliphatic and alcohol solvents
BR-115 Compatible with long and medium oil alkyd resins and weak solvents
MB-7022 Low molecular weight resin giving improved adhesion to reactive cure systems

Unique Resins
Resin Grade
MB-2594 Acid functional, ultra low molecular weight resin for pigment dispersion
MB-2595 Amine functional, ultra low molecular weight resin for pigment dispersion
MB-2678 Tough, hydrophobic resin

Epoxy functional acrylic resin

TB-043 A novel resin for low VOC coatings
TB-044 A low VOC resin with enhanced solubility in low Kb solvents

MMA Resins
Resin Grade
BR-73 Very hard coating resin with improved solubility, flexibility, adhesion and pigment dispersion
BR-78 Very hard coating resin with better water resistance
BR-80 The hardest in our BR series. Tough, with excellent durability and weather resistance
BR-87 Hard higher acid resin excellent for improved pigment dispersion
BR-113 Hard general purpose coating resin
BR-121DA Resin with excellent adhesion to metal (Not REACH Listed)
MB-2519 Low profile additive for SMC/BMC
MB-2660 Alcohol resistant resin, good adhesion to plastics
MB-2823 Good compatibility with short oil alkyds
MB-7033 High abrasion resistant resin for plastic coatings

BMA Resins
Resin Grade
BR-106 General purpose grade. Acid content improves adhesion and pigment dispersion
BR-107 Moderately hard and flexible, soluble in a range of solvents
BR-116 Coating resin with improved pigment dispersion
MB-2543 High solids, low VOC general purpose resin
MB-2588 Softer, more flexible coating resin and soluble in weak solvents
MB-2766 High molecular weight coating resin
MB-2777 High molecular weight, lower viscosity coating resin
MB-7017 Medium molecular weight general coating resin

Styrene Acrylic Resins
Resin Grade
BR-53 Excellent humidity, water resistance and electrical properties
BR-57 Higher solids styrene acrylic resin
MB-2998 Harder styrene acrylic resin

High Acid Resins
Resin Grade

A low molecular weight, high acid number resin

PB-383 Higher molecular weight acid function resin
PB-588 Highest molecular weight resin

Hydroxyl Resins
Resin Grade
MB-2752 Highest OH value for 2K coatings
MB-2876 Higher toughness, lower viscosity resin
MB-2935 Hydroxyl functional resin
MB-3068 Softer hydroxyl functional resin
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